How it works


If you are looking for a way that your business or organization can give back, organize a donation drive. A donation drive is a great way for your business/organization to support the community and promote your company’s culture.

Before you start searching for donations Omaha or donations Kansas City locations, here are the five steps every business/ organization should follow to maximize their donation drive fundraiser.


The first step to organizing a donation drive is building a team. Who are you going to get involved and who will help you? Donation drives are an excellent way for businesses and organizations to team up and do charitable acts for the community. You want to create a committee that will help you find a local partner, deliver donations and advertise the event.


With your team and local partner in place, it is time to create a plan. You want to set a donation drop-off location. This location can be your local business, restaurant, school, church or nonprofit organization. Set a reasonable time frame at which people can stop and drop-off items.

Next is to set guidelines about the donation items. You want to inform the public on how to drop-off the donations. It is recommended to ask for donations to be brought in boxes or bags. You will want to coordinate with your our team about the donations eligible for the fundraiser.

Thrift World accepts the following donations: please note all items may not be acceptable for fundraising.

  • All types of clothing

  • Baby accessories

  • Bedding

  • Books, CDs and tapes

  • Electronics

  • Furniture in good condition

  • Hardware and tools

  • Home decor

  • Jewelry

  • Shoes

  • Sporting goods

  • Toys

  • Household items


After you have the list of items you want to collect, you want to set goals. How many things are you challenging your business, organization or customers to collect? For example, if it is a coat drive, you can make it your goal to gather x amount of coats in a month.

Or, you can ask for x amount of shoes in two weeks. By setting goals, you can entice people to make donations and give your local partner an idea of how many contributions you can provide. Many successful fundraiser drives request that each member bring a few large trash bags of clothing and shoes to the drop of site. In many cases participants asked their neighbors and family if they have items to donate to the fundraiser and bring their friends bags in for them.


With many people working from home due to the pandemic, it can be challenging to reach people. Promoting your donation drive through social media is a great way to generate donations and show the public how your business and/or organization is helping the community.

Talk with your business’s or organization’s social media manager to create a Facebook event that can promote the donation drive. Ask if they can make social media posts asking for donations at least once a week. Once your donation drive has been complete, do not forget to post a thank you post for all those who donated.


After the fundraiser donation drive is over a Clothing Fund professional will report back to the drive host on the total weight collected. A payment for the drive can be expected within 30 days of the drive completion.

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